Brooke Walker’s artworks give a voice to the voiceless.

It is a passion for wildlife conservation and a desire to understand the intricate nuances of the human/non-human animal relationship that inspires my arts practice. This love of nature and wildlife was created and nurtured during childhood surrounded by animals on a hobby farm in McLaren Vale, South Australia. 

It is my mission to reconnect the human and natural world through carefully considered and meticulously rendered oil paintings and drawings. Each piece is created through many hours of intense concentration and attention to detail. At completion, I want you, the viewer, to feel part of the painting, as though they could reach out and interact, almost feeling the artwork breathe.

Above all, it is my goal to create beautiful, thought-provoking imagery to encourage empathy and discussion to entice change in human attitudes towards non-human animals and strengthen the bonds between species.

I have been beyond fortunate to have studied with many acclaimed artists worldwide and I have been internationally awarded for my paintings. If you would like to know more about available works or to commission an artwork please visit the contact page to send me a message.


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