Framed 590mm x 610mm
Chracoal and white chalk on grey paper
x10 (of 10) Limited Edition Prints Available (unframed)
500mm x 550mm approx


These beautiful marsupials bound across Australia’s rocky outcrops and rugged cliffs. However, many of our 16 species of rock-wallaby are threatened and have disappeared from much of their original range.

Historically, hunting for the fur trade (now outlawed) caused a sharp decline in the numbers of many species of rock-wallaby.

The clearing of native vegetation, weed invasion and changed fire patterns have deprived subsequent wallaby generations of available habitat, hungry foxes and cats have taken their toll, and wallabies now compete with livestock, feral goats and rabbits for food. This competition forces them beyond their natural ranges.

In New South Wales, where only two colonies of yellow-footed rock-wallabies remain – 10 kilometres distant from one another – the species faces a serious threat of extinction.

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