Framed 600mm x 750mm
Charcoal and white chalk pencil on grey paper
x9 (of 10) Limited Edition Giclee Prints Available (unframed)
550mm x 420mm approx


The rarest member of the bear family, pandas live mainly in bamboo forests high in the mountains of western China, where they exist almost entirely on bamboo.

Habitat loss is the Giant Panda’s largest threat. China’s Yangtze Basin region, which holds the panda’s primary habitat, is the geographic and economic heart of this booming country. Roads and railroads are increasingly fragmenting the forest, which isolates panda populations and prevents mating. Forest destruction also reduces pandas’ access to the bamboo they need to survive.

The Giant Panda is considered Endangered on the species list with 1,826 in the wild up by 17% over the last decade.

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